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Take That! See Hilaria Baldwin's Parenting Clapbacks Over the Years

Standing her ground! Hilaria Baldwin has defended herself against Instagram trolls while raising her and Alec Baldwin’s kids.

The Living Clearly Method author wed the actor in June 2012, and Alec was already the father of daughter Ireland with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger.

The former yoga instructor has an “amazing dynamic” with her stepdaughter, she exclusively told Us Weekly in March 2020. “I never tried to be her mom,” Hilaria explained at the time. “I think that’s really important. We are just like girlfriends. Sometimes she calls me for advice. Sometimes I call her for advice. We’ve never had one bad moment our entire relationship. I think it’s a lot of me respecting boundaries.”

The Spain native added, “I say it to her all the time, that she’s just as important as my kids that I birthed. I think that’s very important as she went from being an only child for a really long time to all of a sudden having one of five.”

The “Mom Brain” podcast cohost started her family with Alec in 2013 when their daughter, Carmen, arrived. The couple went on to welcome sons Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo and Eduardo.

While raising their five kids, Hilaria is teaching the little ones to outgrow “bad behavior.” She exclusively explained to Us in August 2020: “You want to be inside the situation and be present for them, but you want to be outside enough to give them the perspective of what’s really going on. My goal is not to deal with my ego [or] force the: ‘I’m so angry at you right now.’ … You have to give them a little bit of space.”

The fitness guru went on to call her kids a “good team,” telling Us, “Anytime there is conflict, you’re never allowed to hurt anyone and you have to use your words. You can’t use mean words. You have to learn at a very young age to be a good problem solver.”

Keep scrolling to see how Hilaria has responded to the parenting police over the years, from breast-feeding to dressing her kids.

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Caterina Scorsone Recalls Moments After Delivering Daughter, Who Has Down Syndrome: 'I Was Scared'

Caterina Scorsone's initial fear in raising a child with Down syndrome was quickly replaced with hope and positivity.

The 39-year-old Grey's Anatomy actress welcomed her daughter Pippa in November 2016, and for PEOPLE's cover story this week, she opens up about being afraid, admitting she didn't know much about what her daughter's future would hold.

"When my daughter Pippa was born, I was scared. I didn't know anything about trisomy 21, the name for the occurrence of a third copy of the 21st chromosome, better known as Down syndrome," Scorsone says. "… I didn't know anything. All I knew about Down syndrome was that people were afraid of it, so I figured I should be too."

Scorsone — who is also mom to daughters Eliza, 8, and Lucky, 10 months — recalls feeling overwhelmed in the delivery room soon after giving birth to Pippa, and how her mindset shifted away from fear when she cradled her newborn.

"I looked at the tiny baby who would grow into my funny, stubborn, beautiful little Pippa, and I saw how limited my life had been until that moment. How small and contracted. In that moment, the triplicate 21st chromosome that gave her those beautiful, dancing crescent-moon eyes became a tiny skeleton key."

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Scorsone says "there was nothing wrong with my baby," adding that while having a child with Down syndrome is admittedly "scary," there is fear in considering the many "uncertainties and realities of life" with any child.

"I don't know what kinds of challenges will come up for her down the road. I don't know if she'll find a job that is the right fit for her interests and talents," she says of Pippa's future. "I don't know if she'll find a partner who will get her sense of humor and will celebrate her life every day with small and large gestures of love."

"But," adds Scorsone, "I don't know that about my other daughters either. Pippa is perfect exactly as she is. So are you, and so am I."

"When Pippa was born, all I knew about Down syndrome was that people were afraid of it, so I figured I should be too. But it turns out people are afraid of a lot of things that don't scare me anymore. And the greatest of these is love."

 Caterina Scorsone 'Awestruck by the Love' from Her Daughters on First Mother's Day After Split

Back in April 2019, Scorsone, who shares her children with ex Rob Giles, opened up to PEOPLE about parenting, saying that "one thing that changes when you have kids is that nothing is in your control anymore."

She added at the time, "You have to roll with whatever is happening and there are people that are now in your life very intimately and in your space who have distinctly different personalities from you."

For more on Caterina Scorsone's life with her three daughters, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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This New Cushion Is for People Who Hate Wearing Foundation

Michelle Phan's Em Cosmetics just took a big step in the beauty game. On October 20, the brand launched its very first complexion product, the Daydream Cushion. 

"After cushion launched in the Western world, it didn't really take off, which was unfortunate. It died off and everyone went back to [their regular] foundation," Phan tells Allure over Zoom. But these days, with so many people homebound due to COVID-19 restrictions, she's seeing people embrace a more natural look. "People are wearing less foundation," she explains. "They're wearing masks, they're staying at home more. They don't really feel there's a need to do a full beat makeup look."

The $48 Daydream Cushion foundation gives you a light amount of coverage and some skin-care benefits to boot. The range boasts only six hues, but given the product's sheer-but-buildable nature and skinlike finish, it doesn't necessarily have to be spot-on. (Though we do hope in the future more shades become available.) As Phan tells us, her brand is small so it's a little harder for her to create super robust shade options. "But, if we do six shades, we're going to make sure that it has an incredible range," she assures. And to be completely fair — even though it is just six shades, the difference between the lightest and the darkest is quite substantial, which hasn't been the case with a few brands. It doesn't go from porcelain to beige — the darket hue is a rich, deep brown.

The foundation formula contains SPF 50, which, I am happy to report, doesn't leave an ashy cast on my medium-dark skin tone. I used the Tan/Dark hue and as I blended it in, the color just melted in with my complexion and provided a decent amount of coverage to the dark spots on the side of my face. But what I noticed most is that the overall effect just looked like my own skin. 

I typically don't wear foundation, preferring to just apply concealer underneath my eyes and over whichever spots on my face aren't looking the way I'd like. What I don't love about foundation is that it typically does not look like my skin, but I don't have that problem with Em's Daydream Cushion. It truly gives you that coveted "your skin but better" look, and with the added benefit of SPF, it's really making a case for me to wear foundation again — even if I'm not really venturing out in public very much these days.

To learn more about Em Cosmetics' newest products, I chatted with Phan, who told me why she chose this particular kind of foundation, how she likes to use it, and how she got that sunscreen to work just right, even on deeper complexions.

ALLURE: What made you choose a cushion foundation as opposed to the more traditional liquid in a bottle?

MICHELLE PHAN: It's actually a personal choice. I stopped using foundation four years ago — completely stopped, cold turkey. I wanted to focus more on skin care and if I just needed any touch-ups or cover-up, I would use concealer. That taught me to fall in love with and accept my natural skin texture. 

For so long, I lived in this filtered world where I believed that everyone's skin should look airbrushed like FaceTune. At one point, I developed face dysmorphia, I didn't feel like I looked like myself without foundation. And I just knew — that's so unhealthy. So, I ditched foundation years ago, went foundation-free, and never looked back. 

But there are days where I wish I had more coverage than just concealer. This is why I believe cushion is such a great compromise for those who don't really want a full-coverage foundation, but want something more than just a tinted moisturizer. 

Cushion has been around in Korea [for a while]. When Amorepacific launched it with Iope, I was one of the first to use it, too because I just love everything Iope creates. I instantly fell in love with the format. And I'm a huge fan of refreshing my SPF every four hours. It's something that I feel a lot of people don't even know that they should be doing if they're out in the sun. 

Cushion is something you can carry with you. It's your touch-up and it's compact, it's portable and the sponge, is antimicrobial. 

People are taking care of their skin more, and so cushion is an incredible compromise because it has a lot of skin-care benefits. Ours, in particular, has niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and of course, sunscreen. I'm hoping now maybe the timing is better to launch a cushion.

ALLURE: It's interesting that you mentioned COVID because I was thinking a lot about how in the States, our makeup culture is very full beat, full coverage. COVID has made it so that we don't really have many places to go with so much makeup on, and when you add the mask factor — it can get messy. I really feel like we're moving to more natural-looking skin.

MP: That's true. And we have filters now that can give you a full face of foundation if you want. That being said, I don't think [a heavy beat is] going to go away. I still sometimes will indulge — you can't do a full glam eye without a beat face. It just doesn't look right. But, I think for day-to-day, and that's something that Em Cosmetics we focus mostly on is, we're creating products that are essentials that you reach for daily, that you can wear comfortably.

I think maybe with COVID, there is this reset button with a lot of people with their routines. It doesn't have to be in regards to makeup — it's life in general. They're taking a step back, like Marie Kondo, getting rid of a lot of things they don't need and keeping the things that bring them joy. 

ALLURE: All of these products have a sunscreen component. I know sometimes when you're infusing sunscreen into a complexion product, it can get a little tricky for darker shades to get the tone right without making the product look ashy. How did you guys approach that, so that the darker shades wouldn't leave a gray cast?

MP: We did a combination of both physical and chemical [sunscreens]. I actually like them both. I know some people, especially those with sensitive skin, can't use chemical, which is unfortunate. It's actually the physical sunscreen that [tends to] give that purple, white, ashy after-effect on deeper complexions. We were pretty adamant about creating a sunscreen that looked invisible. We did extensive testing on multiple shades and undertones. We just had to make sure that even though it's sheer and buildable, each shade can stretch.

That was really important because we didn't launch 50 shades. I mean, we can't because I'm a small brand. I can't launch 50 shades because I bootstrapped this whole brand myself. But, if we do six shades, we're going to make sure that it has an incredible range. And it's a beautiful gradient from light to deep. That was something I was really adamant about — our team taking up that challenge.

ALLURE: What's your favorite way to use the Daydream Cushion? I know everyone has their own little techniques for application.

MP: When people get products, the first thing they do is throw away their sponge. This is something you do not do with Daydream Cushion or most cushions in general. But, especially for our cushion, do not throw away the sponge. You get two [anti-microbial] sponges that you can wash in a Ziploc bag. You put dishwasher soap or makeup remover in the bag and then swish it around before you let it air-dry. 

What I like to do is insert my three fingers [between the loop and the pad]. That way, I can push down with my middle finger and I can use the pointed edge to get into the crevices of my face. I start around any areas where you need most of the coverage. I have a lot of redness around my cheeks. Then, whatever's left over on the tip, I use it around my nose in the crevices and then also under my eyes and the rest on my chin.

I leave my forehead untouched because it's your forehead, unless you actually need coverage, you can just leave it as is. After that, if you need powder, powder away, but this has a more of a natural skin-like finish. But, that's how I use it! The best part is because it's refillable, all you have to do is pop it from the back. So, in here you just press and it comes right out and then you have the refill, it pops back in.

Em Cosmetics' Daydream Foundation is available now for $48 at

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Chrissy Teigen Says She's 'Back' on Social Media After Pregnancy Loss

Chrissy Teigen has returned to social media nearly four weeks after suffering a pregnancy loss.

Teigen, 34, shared some cooking videos on her Instagram Stories Tuesday — the same day she published an essay opening up about the heartbreaking experience — writing in one video that she's "back."

"I've missed posting my cookbook journey," the Cravings author said, sharing a video of some veggies sizzling in the oven. "I [am] so incredibly proud — it will absolutely be my best ever."

"I got to step away from the world and do something I love, but truly missed being able to bring you along for the journey," Teigen continued. "I love and missed you guys."

"I'm back!" she added.

The mother of two also shared some videos of herself and daughter Luna Simone, 4, making some creative pancakes together. Luna made a lion-shaped treat, while Teigen made one that spelled her oldest's name and another in the shape of an ice cream cone.

Earlier on Tuesday, Teigen shared a heartfelt essay about the loss of her and husband John Legend's son Jack at 20 weeks pregnant.

"I’m not sure I’ll ever forget the experience," wrote Teigen, who had been diagnosed with partial placenta abruption, in the essay.

"My mom, John and I each held him and said our own private goodbyes, mom sobbing through Thai prayer," she said of the moment Jack was delivered. "I asked the nurses to show me his hands and feet and I kissed them over and over and over again. I have no idea when I stopped. It could have been 10 minutes or an hour."

Teigen said that though a "hole was certainly made" after the loss of Jack, it has been filled with "the love of something I loved so much."

"It doesn’t feel empty, this space," she wrote. "It feels full."

Teigen concluded her essay by writing, "I wrote this because I knew for me I needed to say something before I could move on from this and return back to life, so I truly thank you for allowing me to do so. Jack will always be loved, explained to our kids as existing in the wind and trees and the butterflies they see. Thank you so much to every single person who has had us in their thoughts or gone as far as to send us your love and stories. We are so incredibly lucky."

After first sharing the news of the pregnancy loss on Instagram on September 30, Teigen shared on October 16, "We are quiet but we are okay. Love you all so much."

The update came after Legend, 41, dedicated his performance of "Never Break" at the Billboard Music Awards to his wife.

Sharing a video of the performance, he later wrote on Twitter, "This is for Chrissy. I love and cherish you and our family so much. We've experienced the highest highs and lowest lows together. Watching you carry our children has been so moving and humbling"

"I'm in awe of the strength you've shown through the most challenging moments," he continued. "What an awesome gift it is to be able to bring life into this world. We've experienced the miracle, the power and joy of this gift, and now we've deeply felt its inherent fragility."

Sharing her essay on Instagram Tuesday, Teigen thanked her husband in the caption for "doing everything he could to take care of me."

"Thank you John for being my best friend and love of my life," wrote Teigen, who also shares son Miles Theodore, 2, with Legend.

"A lot of people think of the woman in times like this but I will never forget that john also suffered through these past months, while doing everything he could to take care of me. I am surrounded, in a human therapy blanket of love. I am grateful and healing and feel so incredibly lucky to witness such love."

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Here’s how to save jeans that are too stretched out

There’s nothing more frustrating when it comes to your wardrobe than your favorite pair of jeans getting too stretched out to hold their original shape. This can happen from wearing them repeatedly and from washing them in a manner than isn’t gentle enough to protect the fabric. So the very best way of fixing the problem of is to prevent it in the first place.

The first surefire way to help make sure your jeans last longer in better shape is to choose high quality jeans, according to A no-brainer, we know, but the quality of the fabric and stitching is likely to be better and more durable in higher end brands than those you grab at Target (though we aren’t knocking Target! Some of our favorite closet staples are from there).

Second, wash your jeans in cool water. Third, line dry them. We know: if you’re aiming to wear your favorite jeans out to dinner tonight and you just got home from work and still have to wash them, there may not be time to wait for the breeze to do its job. But if you can manage to line dry most of the time, it will prevent the pulling and tugging that happens to clothes when they are knocked around in the dryer and which can prevent the pants from regaining their original shape. Further, if you can wash your jeans less frequently (maybe get a few wears out of them rather than washing after every wear) it can help them last longer.

How to shrink stretched-out jeans

If, however, it’s already too late and your jeans are stretched out, don’t give up on them yet! There may be some tricks you can try to restore them to their original shape-hugging glory. Lands’ End says that the best way to shrink your stretched-out jeans is to not follow the care instructions on the tag (and in the above section about keeping your jeans from changing shape or size). Namely: wash them in the hottest water setting on your machine and use gentle detergent and fabric softener. Then, in spite of all previous advice, toss them into the dryer on the hottest setting. This should shrink your jeans back to a more fitted style.

If, however, you only need to shrink a certain part of your jeans, that’s possible, too. The key is moisture and heat, so use a spray bottle to target the problem areas where you need a little more tightness. Fill the bottle with three parts hot water and one part liquid fabric softener, shake, and then spray the area until it is soaked. Leave any part of the jeans you don’t want to shrink fully dry, and then toss the jeans into the dryer on the hottest setting.

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Lost Alum Maggie Grace and Husband Brent Bushnell Welcome a Son: '2020 Is a Wild Time'

Maggie Grace is a mom!

The former Lost actress, 37, has given birth to her first child, a son, with husband Brent Bushnell, she announced on Instagram Tuesday.

"The BEST mornings! ☕️👶🏻🌞," Grace captioned a sweet photo of herself leaning in close to her baby boy. "The shift to parenthood has been the most profound and beautiful experience of my life."

"2020 is a wild time to have a baby. We long to offer him a better, more compassionate world, and we want to equip him to make it better," she continued. "Let's elect leaders our kids can look up to. Please vote. 🤍"

"#whatimvotingfor #yourvotematters #votebymaskormail @joebiden @kamalaharris," Grace concluded her post, showing her support for Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris in the 2020 presidential election.

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Lost Actress Maggie Grace Is Engaged to Boyfriend Brent Bushnell

Grace and Bushnell tied the knot in May 2017 during an intimate, outdoor ceremony with close family and friends in Ojai, California.

Shortly after the wedding, the Taken 3 actress posted a photo of herself and her new husband being showered with flower petals during the celebration.

"The past year and a half together has been so beautiful, we didn't know our joy could increase!" she captioned the Instagram post. "It's impossible to sum up how humbled, grateful and joyful we both feel to share this time with family and friends. Thank you all so much for your well wishes!"

PEOPLE reported Grace's engagement to Bushnell, the founder of an engineering entertainment company called Two Bit Circus, the previous February. At the time, she shared a loving picture to her Instagram of the couple in a canoe, writing alongside it, "The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung (Whitman)."

Grace announced her pregnancy on Instagram in March, sharing a photo of herself taken from above in which she was shown cradling her baby bump.

"In the midst of these uncertain times, we've been blessed with a joyful reminder of what's most important," the Fear the Walking Dead star wrote alongside the snapshot.

"Our first little one will be joining us this summer. 🍼Sending love to you and your families, may you stay safe and healthy. 💗" Grace added.

The actress added several hashtags, including "isolating but I have company!" — seemingly referring to the call for Americans to practice social distancing during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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These 7 strength building moves will make day-to-day movement much easier

There are certain words used in the fitness world that you might loosely understand at face value but don’t actually mean much to you. Well, unless you’re a qualified PT or have done a shed load of research. Hypertrophy, for example? It’s a more straight forward concept than it sounds. And then there are the many anagrams for different types of sets and reps to get your head around.

One training phrase that continues to pop up at the minute is ‘functional training’, from boutique gyms offering classes based around the idea to personal trainers talking about the importance of the movements. Luckily, this one isn’t that complicated: functional training literally means that it serves a function or a purpose outside of the workout itself. 

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What are compound exercises and why are they important?

“Functional training is about moving for everyday life,” explains Yasmin Phillips, a personal trainer at Third Space. “It is about learning movement patterns so that the body and the muscles move in synergy.” 

This can help people who have weaknesses or injury that prevent them from doing everyday tasks, such as lifting things off the floor. “We can train the squat and the pull to train the muscles and joints that will support people to move through those motions,” says Yasmin. But it’s also important for those without any strength or mobility issues, too. “Functional training is a nice primer for heavy lifting. If you are somebody that can’t squat very deeply, you need to work through a functional movement pattern first and once you are able to do that correctly, you can then load it. It will get you more effective lifting for heavier lifts,” Yasmin explains. 

Right now, training with a functional purpose is more important than ever. “You’d be surprised how many people can’t do certain movements because they sit at a desk all day long and their low back or hamstrings become really tight. In order to use them, loosen them and keep them strong, they need to move functionally through the body,” says Yasmin. 

There are seven of these functional movement patterns that we need to train to support our everyday movement and our gym workouts. 

The seven functional movement patterns

  • Squat 
  • Lunge
  • Push 
  • Pull
  • Hinge 
  • Twist
  • Walking

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The best squat variations for glutes, quads, hips and endurance

These movement patterns should form part of your daily warm-up or mobility routine, as well as the basis for your workouts. For a beginner, a workout could look like this: 

  • 10-minute walking 
  • Bodyweight squat
  • Reverse lunge with rotation
  • Press-up
  • Lying back raise
  • Bodyweight deadlift 

As you get more advanced, you might want to move through all of those movements to mobilise the joints and muscles before you train. You could then focus on a functional workout split, such as push/pull/lower body (including squats, lunges and hinges) to build strength through these movement patterns. 

“Functional training empowers the body because if you know that it can move through all planes of motion comfortably, you then are more confident to pick up a heavier weight,” Yasmin adds. 

Ultimately, you should plan your functional training around what your body needs to move through life better. And if that doesn’t sound like a workout worth doing, we don’t know what is. 

Follow @StrongWomenUK on Instagram for the latest workouts, delicious recipes and motivation from your favourite fitness experts.

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Ashley Graham Reveals She's Tried Breast Milk 'More Than Once': 'Tastes Good'

Ashley Graham is getting real about breastfeeding.

The supermodel, 32, shared some candid tidbits from her life as a mom during Monday's broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, telling guest host Stephen "tWitch" Boss and his wife Allison Holker that she's actually tried breast milk before.

The revelation came when the three of them played a parenting edition of "Never Have I Ever." When Boss remarked that "never have I ever tried breast milk more than once," Graham — who welcomed her first child, 9-month-old son Isaac Menelik Giovanni, with husband Justin Ervin this January — was the only one who raised a paddle reading: "Mama has."

"What?" Holker, 32, remarked. "You've tried breast milk?"

"Yes, I put a little bit," Graham admitted as she seemingly mimed a bottle, "you know, just to try a little bit. It tastes good."

"No, I've never done that," Holker said.

"Have you ever squirted it across the room?" Graham then joked. "No? Is it just me?"

During the segment, Graham also shared that she has fallen asleep while breastfeeding.

"Yes, definitely," she said. "A million times."

Meanwhile, Holker — who shares daughters Zaia, 11 months, and Weslie Renae, 12, and son Maddox Laurel, 4, with Boss — said that it has "never happened" for her.

Earlier this month, Graham shared a snapshot of herself breastfeeding her son as the pair hung out together outdoors. In the the shot, Isaac can be seen standing and reaching up toward his mama as he nursed.

"Standing feedings are a thing now 🥺my big boy!" the Pretty Big Deal podcast host wrote in the caption. "He's not walking, but crawling and pulling himself up everywhere!"

In response to a fan who asked Graham if her son is "tak(ing) a bottle," she said, "He does take the bottle, but not from me!" with a crying-laughing emoji.

Graham previously said that while she has her own approach to parenting, she's trying not to impose it on other women who are finding their way through their journey to motherhood.

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"I've got a couple of family members who are pregnant, and my instinct is to say, 'Oh, do this, do that,' " she shared in the August 2020 issue of Elle. "But I stop myself every time, because I remember how I felt when everybody told me what to do and sent me their unsolicited advice and their lists."

"If there's a question to be asked, ask it. But other than that, keep your trap shut and just let that mother figure it out. The mommy-shaming on social media is out of control," she added.

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Love Is Blind Star Mark Cuevas and Girlfriend Aubrey Rainey Expecting Their First Child

Mark Cuevas is going to be a dad!

PEOPLE exclusively confirms that the Love Is Blind star, 26, and his girlfriend Aubrey Rainey, 25, are expecting their first child in April 2021.

"We found out together after a weekend spent with friends and family in West Virginia for Labor Day weekend," the parents-to-be tell PEOPLE.

Rainey, who is from Ohio and now lives with Cuevas in Atlanta, also says she felt "very fatigued in the beginning" of her pregnancy. "No morning sickness at all, thankfully! Luckily I am starting to get a lot of the normal energy back," she shares.

The couple has been dating since the summer. "We met at a restaurant in Atlanta, kept in contact and started visiting each other frequently," they say. "We took a Fourth of July trip to Savannah, Georgia, where we officially started dating and then never left each other's side since."

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Season 1 of Love Is Blind, which hit Netflix in February but was filmed in 2018, chronicled Cuevas and ex-fiancée Jessica Batten's relationship. After getting engaged sight unseen, she ended up leaving him at the altar, citing their 10-year age difference as a factor in her decision.

In a previous statement to PEOPLE, Cuevas denied that he was in an exclusive relationship with Chamblin while they were together. "I enjoyed spending time with LC for a few weeks, but at no point were we in an exclusive relationship, as LC confirmed herself," he said. "I wish her the absolute best."

Cuevas first introduced his fans and followers to Rainey in July, when he shared a photo of them on Instagram with the caption, "Thankful."

"He's very happy with her," a source told PEOPLE of Cuevas and Rainey. Although he initially kept her identity a secret, Cuevas finally tagged Rainey in a September post.

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Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Reunite to Celebrate Son's 17th Birthday

Family reunion! Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, reunited to celebrate their son Deacon‘s 17th birthday with an intimate family party.

Drew Barrymore, Will Kopelman and More Former Couples Crushing Coparenting

The I Know What You Did Last Summer star, 46, shared a video of the bash via his Instagram Story on Friday, October 23. In the clip, Witherspoon, 44, brings out a cake to Deacon in the backyard while the group sings “Happy Birthday.” Phillippe isn’t seen in the video but appears to be filming the scene.

Earlier that day, the Legally Blonde star paid a sweet tribute to her son via Instagram.

“Happy Birthday to my wonderful son @deaconphillippe! ” Witherspoon captioned a photo of Deacon. “💫 My bright light/ hardworking / fun-loving / music making / deeply kind son, who always finds the good in everyone and everything. What a pleasure to watch you grow into an amazing young man who is always curious and endlessly creative. Can’t wait to celebrate! I love you so much 🥰🎈#17 .”

Phillippe also honored Deacon by posting multiple photos of his son via his Instagram Story. “Happy birthday to my extraordinary [sun emoji],” the 54 star wrote.

Happy 17th Birthday, Deacon! Reese Witherspoon Celebrates ‘Amazing’ Son

The actor met Witherspoon in 1997 and they became engaged one year later. The Cruel Intentions costars tied the knot in Charlestown, South Carolina, in 1999. The Sweet Home Alabama star filed for divorce from Phillippe in 2006. They are also the parents of daughter, Ava, 21.

Witherspoon told ITV’s Lorraine show in 2017 that she “would never change anything” about her life but noted getting married and having kids young was difficult.

“I got married when I was 23 and I had two kids by the time I was 27,” the Oscar winner said at the time. “I don’t know, sometimes it’s good to know yourself [first].”

Although their romantic relationship ended, the duo have worked together to amicably raise their kids. Phillippe told HuffPost Live in 2014 that he was“proud” of his coparenting relationship with Witherspoon.

Friendly Celebrity Exes: Hollywood’s Ex-Lovers Who Have Stayed Close

“It’s a feeling out process,” he said at the time. “I think we’ve gotten to a really great place. It’s going well, and she’s happy and remarried, and our kids are incredible. I’m proud of the way we’ve handled it and who our little people are.”

Witherspoon married Jim Toth in 2011 and gave birth to their son, Tennessee, one year later. Phillippe, for his part, dated actress Abbie Cornish from 2007 to 2010. Later that year, he dated actress Alexis Knapp, but the pair split after a few months. Phillippe and Knapp, 31, share 9-year-old daughter Kai.

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